The well-equipped cottage is located at the beginning of the charming village of Bagnols-en-Forêt.
This in former times for strategic reasons hilltop village built, has a nice "center ville": a charming square with plane trees, restaurants and narrow streets.
Nice to stroll towards the local bakery.

If you drive from Frejus direction Fayence, you see this beautiful town on top of the hill. In the original center (approx 1 km) there is always a holiday atmosphere.
Bagnols is surrounded by nature treasures that are definitely worth a detour, the cascade of Gourbachin, the cave of Mueron and the Gorges du Blavet, the cliffs of Colle Rousse. Bagnols en Forêt offers a magnificent panorama of the region.
Using an orientation board you can find all the major attractions in the landscape.
As in all the villages in this area, is the village of Bagnols-en-Forêt on historical
memorials. The church of Saint Antonin in 1707 and its four chapels (Sainte Anne,
Saint Antoine, Notre Dame, Saint Denis), the picturesque streets, fountains, washing places all contribute to a unique atmosphere ..
There are also numerous hiking trails and there is a beautiful botanical walk waiting for you.

Bagnols-en-Forêt is a great starting point for various day trips such as the beautiful, rocky woods Defens du Bois and Bois de Malvoisin, southwest of Bagnols-en-Forêt.
The special Massif des Maures, a protected area consisting of red volcanic rocks, wooded slopes and deep valleys, which offers excellent walking.
How about a drive along the beautiful red rocks of the Massif de l'Esterel.
You can swim in the Lac de St. Cassien (10 km), located at the foot of the Massif du Tanneron.

A visit to the charming towns Fréjus (18 km) and Saint Raphaël (20 km) should not be missed. The ancient Roman town of Fréjus, it has a rich history but is now known as a seaside resort with the adjacent St.Raphaël.
Yet the old town of Frejus very worthwhile for some of the atmosphere of yesteryear to taste the lovely boutiques to see if a restaurant or café to pick up.

The old village of Les Arcs, where the magnificent castle and estate today
serves as a winery, a 12th-century abbey of Thoronet golf on one of the many golf courses and beaches of Issaquah, St. Tropez and Ste. Maxime.
Over 15 min drive away Fayence, the famous artists' village, famous for its many workshops, markets, shops and cozy restaurants and cafes.

Definitely worth a look are the Gorges du Verdon. This is truly a wonder of nature just 1.30 hour drive from Bagnols en Forêt.

Beach and water sports enthusiasts may include contact Fréjus-Plage, St. Aygulf (23km) and Cannes (40 km). In the surrounding medieval villages you will find interesting antiquities but also the attractive antique markets, you can feel the atmosphere of terraces below the characteristic ancient plane trees and the hospitable restaurateur with his famous Provencal cuisine.


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